We love our church.  That’s why we belong to it.  That’s why we go every Sunday.  We love the message we hear. We love the gospel we share.  We love the hope we hold.  We love the grace we receive.  We especially love the Savior whom we hold and share. There are so many reasons that we love our church and why we keep on coming. Abiding Faith is far from perfect, but we love it.

This Sunday, October 1, we want to invite you to come get to know us. We’re having a special, outdoor worship service and lunch to follow. It’s all free.  If you’re looking for a church, we’d love to have you come check us and get to know us and get to know our message.  If you’re not looking for a church, come anyway.  You might just find out that you should be!  We’d love for you to come and get to know us.

Sunday, October 1

10 am – Outdoor Worship Service

11 am – Lunch!

If you’re still not convinced, let me give you five reasons why.

#1 – Food.

What else do I need to say? It’s not that we’re particularly good at making food (though I think we’re pretty good).  We love to eat together because of the relationships that happen over food and behind a cup of coffee. This Sunday we’re having a simple pulled pork lunch.  Every other Sunday we have a snack (that sometimes looks like lunch!).  Once a month we throw a potluck and we see what happens.  It almost always feels like the feeding of the 5000.  We love our food.

#2 – The Worship and Music.

We love to get together in Jesus’ name and around  his Word.  Jesus promises us that when we do, he is there with us.  And when we get together in Jesus’ name, we love to sing.  Some of us can’t carry a tune in a bucket.  We’re not professional musicians so it won’t be a concert.  That’s okay.  We’re not trying to be.  We just want to get together with Jesus and his friends.  We want to sing to him.  We want to sing about him.  And we will!

#3 – The People.

Someone recently suggested that the “Cheers” theme song should become our own at Abiding Faith.  All the lyrics seems to fit.  We are a place where everybody knows your name; at least we try really hard. And we are definitely a place where everyone is glad you came.  When you come to Abiding Faith you won’t get lost in the crowd unless you want to sneak out.  You’ll find a place where people are genuinely glad you came.  You’ll find a family who will walk with you to heaven.  We’re not perfect; after all we know that the church is a hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints.  But we’re saved by Jesus and cleansed by him and we’re doing our best to love each other – and to love you – the way Jesus loved us.

#4 – The Word.

Now, we’re getting to the good stuff.  Oh, don’t get me wrong the other stuff was good too, but there was always some sort of qualification.  Our food is good, but you might not like it.  Our worship is great, but the musicians aren’t professional.  The people are friendly, but they’re still sinners.  That stuff is good, but there is always a “but”.   Not here.  Not with God’s Word. When you come to Abiding Faith you’re going to get God’s Word, straight up.  In fact, let me challenge you, “If we can’t prove what we’re saying from the Bible, then don’t listen to us.” Try.  If we’re getting it wrong, we want to know.  We’re going to give you God’s Word, period, as God said it, as God gives it.

#5 – Jesus.

This is why we exist.  We’re here to help people meet Jesus and walk with him to heaven.  Jesus is the One who gives us hope.  Jesus is the One who came from heaven to suffer, to die and to rise again.  Jesus is the One who heals our hurts, who forgives our sins, who raises us from death to life.  Jesus is our everything.  And finally, this is the one and only reason we really want you to come. We’d love to feed you.  We’d love to give you worship and music.  We’d love to meet you and walk with you.  But most of all, we want to open up God’s Word with you and give you Jesus.  We want you to meet him. We want you to know him.  We pray that you’ll believe in him.

So, come on.  Check us out this weekend.  Our services are always at 10 am. This Sunday we’ll just be outside. Bring a lawn chair (or we’ll have some chairs to share) and get comfortable.  Then, stay for some lunch.  We pray that this will be a great weekend for you and for others to come and meet us and see who we are and what we’re all about.  These are the five biggest reasons.  Hope to see you Sunday.