God's love - Are you sure?

God’s promises are awesome.  And the Bible is full of them.  Each promise is meant to assure us that God is up to something and that he is going to do something.  God’s faithfulness is comforting.  It is such a comfort to know God is true to his Word, that he will keep his Word, that he does not change.  His faithfulness assures us that he doesn’t change and that his promises are sure.  God’s power is astounding.  The fact that God actually has the power to do what he said he was going to doing is overwhelming.  He can do what he said he was going to do.  He has the power.  He has the ability.
But what if he doesn’t want to?  What if he doesn’t want to do it for me?  I mean with all the things that I’ve done against him, why would he want to keep his promise to me?  I’ve broken faith with him, why would he remain faithful to me?  Why would he want to do it for you?  I mean, when you consider all the ways in which you have broken faith with him – why would God want to do it for you?  And that question becomes all the more intense when things aren’t going well in your life.  I can only imagine that Abraham, after 25 years of waiting for God, during which time Abraham had really let God down in big-time ways, that Abraham wondered, “Does God still want to keep this promise?” 

And when things aren’t going well in our lives, we can easily say that God is love, but does he love me?  When our lives are hard we might say that God is good, but not to me.   This is the question of a despairing heart, a crushed heart. God’s love and God’s goodness seems to be absent from our lives and so we ask the question: “Does the we include me?”
Does the we include me?
Paul starts this next section of Romans with a “we.”  He says, “Since WE have been justified by faith, WE have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ” (Romans 5:1).  But when there is no peace in our lives, when we face trouble and hardship, we want to ask the question, “Does the we include me?”  Does God love me?  Is God good for me?  It may be true that he is love and that he is good, but is he good for me?  I certainly don’t feel the good in this.  I certainly don’t feel the love in this.  And I certainly don’t rejoice in it.  Maybe you feel this in your hearts right now.  Maybe today you feel like God doesn’t love you, that God doesn’t care about you, that God is not doing good things in your life.  You listen to a sermon and you think to yourself, “That’s nice and all, pastor.  But that isn’t true for me.”  If this is how you feel, then this is a sermon for you.  

Or maybe you don’t feel right now and you’re not thinking this.  Maybe you are quite sure of God's love for you. This is still a sermon for you. 

Whether you’re despairing of God’s love or whether you are quite sure of it, Paul helps lay a firm foundation so that we will always know and even rejoice in God’s love.  Paul wants us to know that the WE does include ME.  Paul wants you to know and be sure of God’s love for you.  It's all in the verses before us this Sunday.

Read Romans 5:1-11 in prep for Sunday.  We'll look specifically at Romans 5:6-11.