An Independence Day Prayer

Eternal Father, Ruler of all nations, on this day when my country celebrates its birth, I thank You for all spiritual and temporal blessings enjoyed in our land. In Your mercy, You have sustained this nation in times of trouble and preserved its liberties. Teach me anew to treasure especially that dearly won freedom of conscience and worship that is the cornerstone of this country’s principles. Let me not misuse this liberty nor forget that true freedom is freedom to serve. Give me willingness to share in the process of democratic rule, to respect my country’s laws, and to work for the preservation of its institutions. Forgive our past sins committed as a nation in the name of misguided patriotism, self-interest, or political expediency. Confound all those who, for the sake of partisanship or other motives, would sacrifice the greater welfare. Grant wisdom to our leaders. Strengthen all those who strive to do Your will. Increase loyalty to You and to our beloved country. Protect me and my fellow citizens from all subversive or terrorist acts. Above all, dear God, speed the course of Your Gospel among us, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit, hearts are turned to that freedom from sin and death that You alone graciously give through Jesus Christ. Amen.

-- Lutheran Book of Prayer. Copyright 2005