Gr8er - Basking in the glow of Easter!

He is risen!
He is risen, indeed!

This is what Easter is all about.  It is a detailing of the otherwise unbelievable love of God in the sacrifice of his own Son for the likes of us sinners. It is an unveiling of the incredible victory gained by Jesus over all our sins, even over death itself.  God gave us his Son.  His Son conquered the grave.  His Spirit resurrected faith in our hearts.  And we respond with overwhelming confidence and shouts of praise! Come death, come angels or demons! Let the past haunt me, the present scare me and the future terrify me! It is all nothing; the love of God in Christ leaves me at peace and secure.  Paul shows all this to us in Romans 8 as he details for us the freedom, the love, and the power of God in our lives.  

This Sunday we're beginning a brand new series looking at Romans 8.  This Sunday we find Gr8er Freedom in Christ and by his Spirit.  Romans 8:1-11.

Mark your calendars!  EASTER TAKE 2!

Easter Sunday was a wonderful celebration.  We were outside and all our chairs were used and then some!  We were able to share the gospel of the resurrection!!  Let's do it again!  This time we'll be inside and this time we'll crank up the organ nice and loud (couldn't do that outside).  The choir will sing their anthem again.  The kids will sing theirs.  It will be a great day.  We'll do this on April 30. I'll get a list of the hymns out to you so you can be excited about the chance to sing some of your favorites!! This will be another joyous celebration.  We'll go big AGAIN!!