Momentous Moments

So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith, for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. Galatians 3:26-27

At the end of every year and into the beginning of the next year, there is a lot of evaluating going on.  We’re looking at the defining moments of the past year – the good, bad, ugly and the best.  Each year has them.  The future is shaped by those moments.  We are defined by them.

Imagine standing at the free throw line with the game on the line.  Your team is counting on you.  Your fans are cheering for you with bated breath.  Miss it you’re a dunce.  Make it and you’re a hero. 

We face moments like this nearly every day. We face decisions about where we are going to go to school.  We face the choice of whether we will drink too not or not.  We face moments with a boyfriend or girlfriend that can alter our future.  We face decisions about where you will search on the internet.  We face job decisions, purchase decisions, morality questions. Make the wrong choice and you’re done.  To sin or not to sin? That is often times the question.  Make the right choice and your life is on the right track.

But that’s not even the point, is it?

In these moments, whether we make the godly choice or the sinful one, there is a greater defining moment in your life than any of these.  It’s your baptism.  There, your Savior clothed you with his righteousness and cleansed you with his blood.  There your Father adopted you as his child, making you an heir of heaven and a citizen of eternity.  This is one of the biggest defining moments in your life.

Keep going back to it.  When you stumble and sin in your bad choices and decisions, run back to the baptismal font for forgiveness.  When you thrive and God blesses what you do, run back to the font for affirmation from God alone – you are his beloved child.  This is one defining moment that didn’t depend on you.  It depended on Jesus and it happened at your baptism.

You may not remember this day right now, but it was one of the most important days of your life. Mark it! And keep returning to it.

This Sunday (1/15/17) we will be taking a closer look at Jesus' baptism, a defining moment not only in his life but also in ours. Take a look at it in Matthew 3:13-17.

Father, today I will be faced with choices and decisions both big and small.  Keep me from sinning.  Help me to honor you.  And, above all, help me remember whose I am – I am yours!  You made me your child at my baptism.  What a special day that was.  Amen.