Lean on these.

Galatians 3-4:7, Exodus 23-24

Galatians 3:11 – Now it is evident that no one is justified before God by the law, for “the one who through faith is righteous will live.”

O Lord God, your apostle calls out the Galatians for their foolish and bewitched thinking.  They had returned to the cursed way of living that they were living in before.  But it wasn’t that they were living disgustingly evil lives; it was they were leaning on their acts of obedience to save them.  Paul called it, “foolish” and I know that it is.  I see the same foolishness in my own heart. My mind knows the difference, but my heart doesn’t always listen.  I am convicted.  My acts of goodness fall far short of the good that you require of me.  I am not wholly good nor am I 100% perfect.  My works don’t even get close, nor are the good that I do 100% good.  There may be a part of them that is good, but they are tainted.  And not just that. Even where I manage to do some good, I find that there is right there, at the very same time, despicable thoughts, words, and actions.  I see how foolish it is to be trust in, to boast about, to lean on any of my own actions and activity.  But here, in this verse, you lay a new foundation for me.  My righteousness is not in what I own, not in what I do, not in how I perform or obey, nor even in how I think or feel.  My righteousness is in you and from you alone.  The life of your Son, Jesus – thought, word, and action – is given to me as a gift.  And I get to wear it as a robe, my robe, all the days of the reason.  It is the reason I live now – Christ has lived for me and now Christ lives in me.  It is the reason I will live forever. I am righteous through faith.  100% wholly, holy, and perfect, through and through.  For this reason, Lord, help me to trust your righteousness alone.  And help me live out my day today as your 100%, wholly, and fully righteous child today.  Amen.